Fonts and Tools

    Fonts used in our T-shirt Design Templates


    All Star -

    Argor Got Scaqh -

    Arial - standard font or any san serif block font

    Athletic -

    Ballpark Weiner


    Bickham Script - if you don't have and don't want to purchase, use any
    nice script font.

    Bodoni - standard font

    Brush Script - standard font or use any Banff or casual script font

    College -


    Compacta - standard font or use any thick san serif headline font

    Cooper - standard font or use any Hobo type font

    Copperplate - standard font

    Crown Title


    Electramaniacal -


    Impact - standard font or use any thick san serif headline font

    Loki Cola -

    Lobster -

    Magneto / Kelvinized

    Motion Picture -

    Princeton - if you don't have, use any of the college or freshman fonts

    SF Collegiate

    Still Time

    Weltron Special Power -

    Wide Latin -

    Wolf's Bane -

    Need CorelDraw, Illustrator or Photoshop?



    Download a fully functional version of Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop to edit our templates.  



    CorelDraw Tutorial

    If you are new to manipulating vector designs we would highly recommend CorelDraw!  CorelDraw is much easier to use and holds all of the font formatting effects intact when replacing the text with your own custom text.

     Download the free trial here


    Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

    Adobe Illustrator is used by graphics professionals all over the world is the leading vector-based design software. It has more high-end features than any other vector design software program on the market but the learning curve is rather steep for beginners.

    Download the free trial here


    Photoshop Tutorial

    Those of you who wish to work in a raster-based environment but don't have Adobe Photoshop can download a free trial at the link below.  Photoshop offers many special effects and filters that cannot be accomplished with a vector-based design program.  It's great for about any design project and is a must-have tool for web based design or any other design project for that matter!

    Download the free trial here